Respect for the individual

The people who work with us both at home and around the world, from Italy to New Zealand and Australia, are a priceless asset; these are people who help to write our story every day. At Fratelli Tallia di Delfino we believe in the value of people, and that's why we look after every worker and carefully select only partners who respect their people in turn. We believe in respect as an everyday responsibility and an inspiration from beginning to end of the production chain.


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Fratelli Tallia di Delfino将降低环境影响作为重中之重。这是一个发自内心的选择,一个延伸到我们生产过程和生态系统保护的每个阶段的日常承诺。ISO 14001Associazione Tessile e SaluteZDHC等一系列认证,彰显了我们关注全人类共同未来的决心。