Over 100 years of history in the drapery business

In a local area steeped in most ancient traditions of wool production, where water flows with a special purity, the Fratelli Tallia di Delfino wool mill was established, giving rise to the celebrated fabric brand dedicated to men’s high fashion, and well-respected throughout the world for its extensive experience in fine drapery. Its long history, small dimensions, sourcing of the finest raw materials and application of the best of the ‘Made in Biella’ tradition have made Tallia di Delfino a true excellence of Italian drapery.


A handed-down art

The art is handed down from generation to generation among skilled workers from the local area, who work the looms of our production departments. It is they who have contributed most to the company’s success. Being Italian is not just what we are today, but it is what we want to proudly continue to be in the future. It is a privilege that motivates us to take what we do, the beauty of a tradition to which we belong and for which we are deeply grateful, out into the world. Accompanied by the murmur of the Strona river, we continue to work with passion and dedication to reach ever new heights of excellence. We know no other way.


In Biella, at the heart of the textile industry

Tallia di Delfino’s factory is located in the Biella area, in the green valley that gives rise to the Strona river, a territory whose history is deeply rooted in the textile industry. The rhythmic pounding of the looms frames is set to the gurgling of river water particularly low in calcium. Here, the finest wools from Australia, the most precious Mongolian cashmere and prized blends of silk are worked to create luxurious fabrics of priceless quality and value. We know well how important roots are to growth, and how deeply we are rooted in the local territory. This is why we value the tradition of our land, it is what sustains us, and makes us unique.



While our factory has remained in the same place for more than a century, Tallia di Delfino has sought across the whole world to bring the highest quality to its customers. From Strona, Italy, countless expeditions have been made in search of the very best materials, including Australian wools, Mongolian cashmere and South African mohair.


A brand that interprets ‘Made in Italy’ style

Along our path of growth, we have met other companies that share our values, and, therefore, have created new synergies and partnerships. The consistency of pursuing excellence without compromise is what sets us apart. Because Italy is all that which is created as a reflection of the beauty it has to show to the world: from the elegance of a yacht that expresses luxury on the high seas, or the roar of an engine that, through Italian design, combines beauty, power and innovation in materials, right down to exclusive fabrics that allow you to wear and exalt Italian style.


Tallia di Delfino: a synonym of quality across the world

Tallia di Delfino’s desire is to maintain 100% of its production in Strona, in the same place where it all began over a century ago. Respect for its origins goes hand in hand with the continued growth of the brand, through the expansion and improvement of its worldwide distribution through an ever wider network of partners sharing, promoting and resonating its philosophy globally.