FW21 – Expect the unexpexted


Expect the unexpexted

In the occasion of the 31st edition of Milano Unica, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino presents the new Fall Winter 2021 collection. Product innovation is intertwined with technological innovation as never before, to give life to the digital collection signed by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino. From today, it is possible to view the precious fabric collection directly on the website, requesting access details at info@tallia-delfino.com.

A colorful and innovative collection, now accessible everywhere.

In the FW21 proposal, in the Sartorial capsule we find an even more lively attention to detail, a real expression of Italian tailoring. Incredibly soft to the touch, Honey Way creates a unique selection, combining attention to the environment and style. An element that we find in the timeless elegance of Archivio 1903, capable of creating essential fashion dictates.

Refinement, in every detail

The fit jacket has never been as exclusive as in the Dandy selection, where luxury and comfort are joined. Refined details that also characterize the Party proposal, to create a simply impeccable cocktail attire. Unmissable, the warm Atmosphere and Gold Collection fabrics, real milestones of Tallia collection, which, together with Luxury Coat fabrics, are ideal for the creation of the most iconic garments of the whole winter season.

But the most important novelty of the Fall-Winter proposal is the Defender fabric selection, designed to ensure safety and protection at any time. Just a simple click on play below to know all the details of the innovative Defender collection.