The SS23 collection at MilanoUnica


The SS23 collection at MilanoUnica

On the occasion of the 34th edition of MilanoUnica, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino presented the new Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

Extreme quality of raw materials, timeless design and natural fibers are the elements that best describe this new proposal of fabrics.

From the most traditional pure wool capsules, for creations with a more sartorial soul, to selected fabrics with a more refined look, the SS23 season by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino offers the right tips for the creation of trendy summer outfits.

Portofino Summer Blend, thanks to the refined use of natural fibers such as cotton and linen, offers all the freshness and style needed to face the hot summer days. But when you need an extra touch of elegance, it is in the Vanguard capsule that the perfect fabric must be sought.

Seasonal novelties

Honey Way fabrics will be your perfect ally, thanks to the completely natural treatment with beeswax, which emphasizes the intrinsic properties of wool.

The Aria 3.1 capsule offers fabrics so light to look like a second skin.

Continuous innovation, technological and product, is easily found in Defender fabrics, thanks to their antimicrobial feature.

The know-how and the heritage inspire our designers in the creation of Archivio 1903 fabrics and Sartorial capsules.

Discover all the seasonal novelties!