Fall Winter 2023|2024 collection


Gentlemen’s Wardrobe introduces two new exclusive Bunch

The value of the Fall Winter 23/24 collection by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, presented at the 35th edition of Milano Unica, is confirmed in the utmost quality of raw materials. The best Merino wool is expertly woven with other noble fibers, from cashmere and the finest Mohair, up to the bright silk.

For the creation of Archivio 1903 fabrics, the inspiration comes from our collections of the past, an inexhaustible source of ideas for future trends. The selection of Napoli fabrics confirms the maximum expression of a deep-rooted sartorial DNA. Dolce Vita, a selection of fabrics with extraordinary finesse, stands out for its refinement and innovation. Extremely soft to the touch, Honey Way fabrics cleverly combine style and attention to the environment.

Noble fibers

In Montebianco, Merino wool is woven with other fine noble fibers, such as silk, linen and cashmere. Inner Performance is distinguished by a distinctive knit effect combined with an important stretch feature, mono and bi-directional. Absolute novelty of the season, Ecosphere expertly combines fine fabrics with an innovative recycled cashmere pad. Luxury Coat offers a wide selection of fabrics designed for the creation of the winter garment par excellence: the overcoat.

Fratelli Tallia di Delfino announces the release of two new exclusive bunches of Gentleman’s Wardrobe service, crowned by a special collaboration with the renowned sartorial illustrator Rodrigo Saldaña.

The W3 – Clubhouse bunch offers a surprising selection of winter jackets. The fabrics of the W4 – Fjord bunch prove to be perfect for the creation of coats so iconic that will certainly not go unnoticed, to deal with style even the coldest days.