Sartorial Project with Rodrigo Saldaña


Sartorial Project with Rodrigo Saldaña

For the presentation of the new collection, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino has chosen to collaborate with the renowned sartorial artist Rodrigo Saldaña.

From this special partnership have been created six sensational illustrations, in which the latest capsules have been absolute protagonists.

Based on the main features of the Fall-Winter 23|24 fabrics proposal, a real “tailor-made” project was born, which traces the new collection Fratelli Tallia di Delfino through its most iconic fabrics.

For the illustrations, Rodrigo Saldaña took inspiration from the main passions of the Sales&Design team, and selected garments made with Fratelli Tallia di Delfino fabrics, perfect allies of style.

Bespoke illustrations

A fundamental inspiration also came from some of the most iconic fabrics of the new fall-winter proposal, such as the Honey Way fabric of the W3 – Clubhouse bunch of the Gentleman’s Wardrobe service: iconic design and completely natural properties of beeswax make it the perfect choice for a jacket with a refined taste.

The same can be said for the W4 – Fjord bunch, for a selection of trendy overcoats.

The fabrics selected for Dolce Vita and Archivio 1903 have inspired the creation of classic looks, but with modern and sophisticated details.

Montebianco has led to the creation of the winter look par excellence, with a refined design.

The Inner Performance features inspired the creation of the latest design: dynamic and performing.