From the high Chinese and Mongolian plains straight to our factory workshop.

With unparalleled softness to the touch, cashmere is one of the noblest fabrics in the world of fashion.

It ancient origins are in the Kashmir region shared between modern India, Pakistan and China, though, today, the cashmere we select comes from the high plains of Mongolia and China, distinguished by its particular fibre fineness, length and uniformity. Its fame comes from the incredibly soft and warm sensation it gives to the touch and its insulating properties, which have seduced princes and emperors alike, earning it names such as ‘the fabric of kings’ or ‘the golden fleece’.

Cashmere protects the body from the most intense cold. It is made from one of the two layers of furs of cashmere goats, the undercoat, also called the ‘duvet’. In spring, this undercoat becomes the raw material for a superlative fabric.

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