"The properties of this fabric?

It would take less to tell you what properties it doesn't have."

Soft touch, highly valued fabrics, exclusive finishes.

Luxury is not an exception, but a philosophy.


Elegance, success and prestige, in life as much as in the wardrobe.
The successful manager, nothing is too much for him. The suit he wears is a symbol of his lifestyle, it is synonymous with his personality. This is why we are constantly offering him exclusive new solutions, not just in fabric but in style as well.

Our world is made of beauty, of soft hands, of details that only passion and experience can give. A tailor made luxury fabric produced according to our ancient weaving tradition, highly technological and with unique properties to be enjoyed all day, every day.
An unparalleled fabric, conceived within a production chain that combines the use of water from the Biellese valleys with contemporary pioneering technologies.

Luxury Fashion, Fratelli Tallia di Delfino