Luxury is not just image, it is comfort and practicality, too. Fratelli Tallia di Delfino conceived the 360° collection of fabrics with the manager in mind who needs the perfect suit for a long day's business. The fabrics are made with innovative, exceptional hi-tech content and exclusively pure wool yarns designed for modern-fit suits and jackets.
For those who live life to the fully 360°, whose normal life rhythm involves rushing from planes to taxis and cars.
For those who have 360° needs and who seek quality and comfort, without compromising on a unique luxury look.
360° Innovation for a 100% natural, comfortable fabric that has evolved from an all-Biellese experience, breathable for all-day wear, antibacterial for challenging travel conditions and water-repellent for sudden weather changes. A crease-resistant fabric that follows the movement of the body to perfection. A fabric of the highest sartorial quality with design patterns reflecting an International appeal while maintaining strictly Italian roots.